• Pools Top 10 Ladders
    Who are you going to Challenge?
    What is Pools Top 10 . . .
    A challenge ladder is a system for ranking a group of players. It is a way to
    see how you stand up to the other players in your area as well as challenge
    yourself to improve your game, get better and move higher up on the ladder.
    It is also a great way to meet new players and have a lot of fun!!
  • Multiple Ladders Available
    You get the option of playing any game you want!!
    Just the Beginning
    Because we are just starting out, we will have challenge ladders for the most
    popular games. As soon as there is an interest shown in other games, we will
    be happy to add those games to our ladders!!
  • Any Size Table
    You choose the Game you want on the Table you want!!
    Big Table player or Bar Table player.
    Within Pools Top 10 it doesn't matter whether you prefer playing on the 9' Professional Table
    or whether you consider yourself a 7' Bar Table player! Pools Top 10 has Challenge Ladders
  • You can use Pools Top 10 on any device!!
  • 8-ball

    Bar Table / Big Table

    There will be ladders for both 8-Ball on Bar Tables as well as 8-Ball on Big Tables. There will be no distinction between table types. i.e. Valley vs Diamond or Big Table Brunswick vs Diamond!

  • 8-ball

    Bar Table / Big Table

    Again, there will be ladders for both 9-Ball on Bar Tables as well as 9-Ball on Big Tables. We assume, given its popularity and familiarity, this may turn out to be the busiest ladder on the site.

  • 8-ball

    Big Table

    At this point we will have only Big Table 10-Ball available. We just don't see that much 10-Ball being played on the Bar Tables. In the event this changes we will certainly add Bar Table 10-Ball.

  • 8-ball

    One Pocket
    Big Table

    As with the Big Table 10-Ball, One-Pocket will be available on the Big Table only. Other than a gimmick money match we have not seen One-Pocket played on a Bar Table on any kind of regular basis.